Korean Phrases to Survive

Of course it’s perfectly fine to travel to a country where you don’t speak the language, but learning some phrases before you go can make everything a whole lot easier.

Nowadays, you can always find people who can speak and understand a little English on the street of Korea, but not everywhere so I hope this can help. And if any of you ever use this, let me know how it goes!

My Korean is far away from good and I made this for me to use during my trip to Korea, some of this are taken from TTMIK and some are from my Korean teacher. If you find any mistake please let me know and I’ll fix it.

Korean Phrases to Survive

Hello = 안녕하세요 / an-nyeong-ha-se-yo

Thank you = 감사합니다 / gam-sa-hab-ni-da

or 고맙습니다 / go-mab-seub-ni-da

Sorry = 죄송합니다 / joe-song-hab-ni-da

Yes = 네 / ne

No = 아니요 / a-ni-yo

I don’t understand = 이해 안돼요 / i-hae an-dwae-yo

For shopping

I will just look around = 그냥 볼게요 / geu-nyang bol-ge-yo

Can I try this on? = 입어 봐도 되나요? / i-beo bwa-do doe-na-yo?

How much is this? = 이 것은 얼마예요? / i geo-seun eol-ma-ye-yo?

or 이거 얼마예요?  / i-geo eol-ma-ye-yo?

It’s expensive! = 비싸요 / bi-ssa-yo

Please give me a discount or Cheaper, please! = 깎아주세요 / kka-kka-ju-se-yo

I’ll take this / I’ll buy this = 이거 주세요 / i-geo ju-se-yo

In a restaurant

When you arrive at a restaurant you might get asked: 몇 분이세요? / myeoch bu-ni-se-yo? = How many are you?

To answer you say: ____ 분이에요 / ____ bu-ni-e-yo (replace ____ with the number of people – use numerals as shown at the end of the post)

Excuse me! (to gain the server’s attention) = 저기요! / jeo-gi-yo

Please give me ____ = ____ 주세요 / ____ ju-se-yo (add 주세요 at the end of the sentence to order or ask for something)

If you can’t say the foods’ names you can just point to the menu and say: 이거 주세요 / i-geo ju-se-yo = Please give me this

Give me this, this and this = 이거하고 이거하고 이거 주세요 / i-geo-ha-go i-geo-ha-go i-geo ju-se-yo

하고 / ha-go = and

Please give us some water = 물 좀 주세요 / mul jom ju-se-yo

Please give us the menu = 메뉴판 좀 주세요 / me-nyu-pan jom ju-se-yo

Please give me one more of this = 이거 하나 더 주세요 / i-geo ha-na deo ju-se-yo

Please give us two people’s serving of Samgyeopsal = 삼겹살 이인분 주세요 / sam-gyeop-sal i-in-bun ju-se-yo

If you have more than two people, you can replace이인분 with삼인분 / sam-in-bun (three people), 사인분 / sa-in-bun (four people), 오인분 / o-in-bun (five people)

I’ll have the size, please = 스몰 사이즈 주세요 / seu-mol sa-i-jeu ju-se-yo

I’ll have the large size, please = 라지 사이즈 주세요 / la-ji sa-i-jeu ju-se-yo

Can I take this to go? = 이거 포장 돼요? / i-geo po-jang dwae-yo?

Please get this ready for takeout. = 포장해 주세요 / po-jang-hae ju-se-yo

I’ll take it out = 가지고 갈 게요 / ga-ji-go gal ge-yo

To order a cup of drink you can say: ____ 한잔 주세요 / han-chan ju-se-yo = Please give me a cup of ____

And for when you want a bottle of drink: ____ 한병주세요 / han-byeung ju-se-yo = Please give me a bottle of ____

Where’s the bathroom? = 화장실이 어디예요? / hwa-jang-si-ri eo-di-ye-yo?

Please give me the bill = 계산서 좀 주세요 / gye-san-seo jom ju-se-yo

Where do I pay? = 어디에서 계산해요? / eo-di-e-seo gye-san-hae-yo?

Other useful words:

Rice = 밥 / bab
Noodle = 수구 / su-gu
Spicy = 매운 / ma-eun
Hot = 뜨거운/ tteu-geo-un
Cold = 찬 / chan
Water= 물 / mul
Tea = 차 / cha
Meat = 고기 /go-gi
Beef  = 소고기 / so-go-gi or 한우 / han-u
Chicken = 닭 / dag
Pork  = 돼지고기 / dwae-ji-go-gi


One = 한 / han
Two = 두/ tu
Three = 세 / se
Four = 네 / ne
Five = 다섯 / da-seos
Six = 여섯 / yo-seos
Seven = 일곱/ il-gob
Eight  = 여덟 / yo-gob
Nine = 아홉 / a-hob
Ten = 열 / yeol

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