How to use Naver Map app (update: July 2015)

Update: Since the new update changed Naver Map interface I updated all the screenshots so now you can use the tutorial without any trouble.

The next time you update Naver Map, if the interface changes again please inform me so I can update the post for you. Thanks!


It would be because of my lack of knowledge about the country or I’m just too lazy to study how address works here, either way, to me – with only name and address on hand – it’s pretty much impossible to find a place in Korea without mapping service. Even if you manage to find your way around the neighborhood, it’s rare if any local can really show you the directions unless that place is famous among Koreans or it’s a skyscraper and such. Other than that, they will still pull out naver or daum, search for the address then point you the way.

There are two mapping services people usually use here in Korea, Naver Map and Daum Map. If you can’t read Korean, Google Maps works too, but not as good when it comes to a particular address and public transportation.

And since Naver Map did a wonder for me to getting around Korea, I write this post so people without knowledge of Korean can use the app too.

(I only have experience with the Naver Map app for iPhone and it’s similar with the app for Android but I’m not sure if the web-based app is the same.

I apologize in advance that this post may turn out to be a mess with all the explanations on and off pictures ;____; )

First of course you want to install the app and add in Korean keyboard.

Some helpful words:

버스 = Bus
정류장 = Bus stop e.g: 강남역 정류장 = 강남역 Bus stop (Gangnam Station Bus stop)
지하철 = Subway
___역 = ___ Station e.g: 신사역 = 신사 Station (Sinsa Station)
8번 출구 = Exit 8
3호선 = Line 3
환승 = Transfer
하자 = Get off
도보 = Walk

What you will see when you open the app (newest version):



Your current location will appear as a red dot on the map, remember to check it to make sure you’re not going the wrong way.

All the searching options

All the searching options

You mostly will only use the Get directions option :)

Search destination:

When you search for a location with name (Here I search for Incheon International Airport)

When you search for a location with name (Here I search for Incheon International Airport)

As you type in, the matching results will appear below so you can choose the one you’re looking for from the list.

Or you can just put in the address, e.g for TIMES SQUARE (타임스퀘어) you just need to type in 15 영중로 (15 Yeongjung-ro).

How the result come out

How the result come out

From the result you can choose to get directions from the place or to the place directly.

Get directions:

We have 4 options here, choose either public transport, car, bike or walk after you enter the locations.

We have 4 options here, choose either public transport, car, bike or walk after you enter the locations.

I use Sinsa Station and Lotte World as example.

By car:

By car

By car

When you choose By Car option the result will show you how much it might cost if you take the taxi.

As in the first result, you only have to focus on these words:

택시비 약 8,600원 = Taxi fee about 8,600KRW
약 14 | 약 9.58km = About 14 minutes driving | 9.58km

P/s: If you drive, use the GPS installed in the car. If you don’t then you probably only use this option to see how much it’ll cost to ride the taxi. (at least that how it was for me)

Public transportation:

navermap7In Public transportation option we have:

추천 10 = 10 recommendation routes
버스 10 = 10 routes by bus
지하철 2 = 2 routes by subway
and 버스+지하철 5 = 5 routes by both bus + subway

I choose the marked result as example (because it requires the least walking time, I will show you)

(3) 신사역 > (2) 교대역 > 잠실역 하차 = Line 3 신사 Station > Line 2 교대 Station > Get off at 잠실 Station
지하철역 10 | 약 11.96km = 10 Subway stations | About 11.96km
약 39분 (도보 5분) | 1,350 원 = About 39 minutes (5 minutes walking) | Cost 1,350KRW

Pretty easy to understand, right?

Choose the result to get more details

Choose the result to get more details

And here is the step by step directions

And here is the step by step directions

In the first box it says: (Yes, they already highlighted what’s important for you)

신사역 = At 신사 Station
3호선 승차 호, 교대역에서 2호선 환승 = Take subway line 3, at 교대 Station transfer to line 2
약 10분 | 3개 역 = About 10 minutes | 3 stations

In the second box:

교대역 = At 교대 Station
2호선 승차 호, 잠실역 하차 = Take subway line 2, get off at 잠실 station
약 21분 | 7개 역 = About 21 minutes | 7 stations

Focus on the circle there!!!!!

Focus on the circle there!!!!!

Now that will be the last direction for you and all you need to focus on is 4번 출구로 which means take exit 4.

After that there will be no direction for walking, but you can touch on the result and walk as the route on the map.

Can you see Lotte World right on the map? :)

Can you see Lotte World right on the map? :)

Remember to check your current location (red dot!) as you walk :)

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know, now use this as example and all other searches are similar to this. I was about to show you how to check the subway routes using Naver Map, but it seems too complicated, you should just use the stations map at the subway instead.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask away! ^^

59 thoughts on “How to use Naver Map app (update: July 2015)

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  3. you also might want to try using , which is made by the Daum KaKao company. Daum maps is newer than Naver so some would argue it is better. Still need to know how to read basic Korean.

  4. Check out made by the HERE Technologies company. HERE has a Seoul office which maps roads and POIS in Korea. Maps are now available in English, but only from within Korea because of data export laws. Not on mobile yet.

  5. Hi Joy, mình có một thắc mắc là số tiền màu đỏ mình phải trả là khi mua vé tại quầy hay là số tiền khi sử dụng T-money card? Mình đọc trên trang Imagine your Korea thì thấy có giới hạn khu vực dùng thẻ (cập nhật tháng 7/2015), bây giờ chắc là dùng được hết rồi phải ko bạn?

    • Số tiền màu đỏ là số tiền khi dùng t-money, bạn mua single journal card thì sẽ đắt hơn 100 won.
      Từ nhiều năm trước mình dùng thẻ tại cả Seoul và Busan đều thấy dùng được hết rồi, không thấy hạn chế nào hết.

    • Usually they will have the last station named. For example if you’re at station A, and there are trains go to either station B or C as the last station on the line, you will see at signs like “train for B” and “train for C”. Sometimes they use the biggest station instead like “train for Seoul Station”.
      Or just check the next station from where you are to see which one you should take.

  6. Do you have any idea if it’s possible to set a time for your travel. What I mean is this: when I check which bus to take, it shows which one I can take now. It’s not very useful when I’m trying to figure out if there is a bus in three or five hours…

    • I tried but it seems there’s no option to set your travel time yet. However for bus I think there should be one passing by every 10 minutes or so, if you miss it just wait for the next one, it wont take too long

  7. Thank you so much for all your work!! I feel like I have been playing with this app in the dark and you turned the lights on for me. I am stationed here with my husband and like many of the spouses find it stressful just to get home in a Taxi. So I have been trying to find a way to show the spouses how to use Naver because it is the only way I have found to get our home addresses or places we want to go in Hangeul in a way that the taxi can enter it in the GPS (But we can locate visually on the map first or “pin drop” when at the location ex. 부산광역시 해운대구 중동 1391-31 our favorite Brazilian BBQ ). But I needed a way to make it more user friendly Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  8. Really appriciated! Do you know if there is a way to turn on caching of maps ( 지도 저장 I belive)? I didn’t find it in settings but wonder if there would be a sub setting somewhere.

    • It used to be much easier and you can map caching anywhere you want but they took that option away years ago.
      Now the only way to do it is to do a 길칙기 first, choose a result and then download it to your phone (the download icon is on the the upper right corner)

  9. Thanks for all the efforts in explaining the Naver map.
    It’s very helpful for foreign tourists.
    BTW, is there a way to show all the 즐겨찾기on the map?
    just like the “Starred spots” on the Yahoo map

    • I just tried but it seemed impossible to show all the spots on the map. You can only open the list and choose to see one spot at a time.
      Let’s me ask some Koreans if there is a way. Will get back to you if I can find one ;)

      • So grateful that you take the trouble to look for the solution to my problem.
        Looking forward to your reply^^

  10. Omg so happy you made this
    I’m going there in 2 weeks and was really worried about naver ( seoul Subway app takes the worry away off subway matters ) maps but now I got it. Thanks a lot, really

  11. After new updates, the Naver Map interface has changed so that I can’t follow your screenshots exactly. Google Maps is powerless in calculating walking directions – could I pay you to make an updated version of your step by step instructions?

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  14. i’ve download on iphone. How to change to english?? Because i want to go to seoul and i cant read korean language

      • Well on App Store when i try to install it, it says that the language provides are in Korean and also in English. That’s why i am willing to install it. But apparently there is no option, boooo. *uninstalling this application asap*

  15. Hi. Anyone have any suggestions/ info about using the bike option for routes on Naver Maps for me with my veerrry limited Korean? at the moment I am just trying to use it to plan a route on my computer before leaving rather than navegate using a smartphone. Thanks

    • There is option for bike on the app next to the car driving option. It will show you symbol of turning left, right or go straight. You can try it out on your own if it’s too difficult I can provide you some keyword so at least you can understand the directions on the app :)

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  17. Oh man! This is SO HELPFUL, THANK YOU. I first downloaded Naver Maps when I first got to Korea but was so freaked out by all the Korean I blanked and just uninstalled it. I tried again a few months later once I was a bit more confident with the language, but it’s been a lot of trial and error, and I still don’t know what a lot of the buttons do, just guessing ^^; You’ve really cleared a lot of problems up for me, I wish I’d googled for help earlier! The breakdowns with translation and examples are SO good. <3 <3 <3

  18. Im trying to map several points on naver maps, so i can see them all at the same time. How can I drop a marker, for each point i want to see on the map?

    • Sorry but I think there is no way to do that on Naver Maps.
      I tried to do it after reading your comment but I can’t too, and I asked some other friends if they ever try to do it and everyone told me that it’s impossible so…

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    • Từ khoảng 5h sáng đến 12h đêm bạn nhé, nhưng chuyến tàu cuối sẽ không đi hết cả đoạn đường mà thường dừng ở 1 trạm giữa đường.

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