Stay connected in Korea – Evergreen SIM card Review


There are few ways to stay connected to the world and, more important, your family and friends when you travel to Korea.

You can rent your SIM card from Olleh KT which requires you to stay in Korea for at least 3 days before you can apply for it and to return the SIM card at the end of your trip, before you leave Korea.

Or you can rent a phone at Incheon Airport after landing, last time I checked the price was 5000 KRW/5 USD a day. The renting-plans got me confused right from the start, but if you’re interested you can check it out here.

Me and my friend even tried to buy KT Olleh 1 day wi-fi but it just didn’t work out. The payment didn’t go through no matter how many time we do it with different credit cards so we just gave up in the end.

Before coming to Seoul I did a lot of research to find an easy way to keep me connected to the internet world throughout the trip, I came across Evergreen Mobile twitter page and decided to give it a try.

I bought two SIM cards, one for me and one for my sister, we faced some problems trying to insert the SIM card too so I hope what I share below will be helpful.

Getting a SIM Card

First step, get yourself an account on EG SIM website, this is something that can be done easily. I wasn’t be able to register at first though, I tried to do it with both Firefox and Google Chrome but still no result so I ended up using Safari on my phone and only then it went through.

They just launched their offline buying places around the time I visited Korea so I don’t have a chance to check them out but you can find the list here: Buy EG SIM CARD Offline


After that just sign in and go to Buy Online to order your SIM card, remember to choose the right card type and the data plan you want. You can choose to whether pick the SIM card up at collecting locations or have it shipped to you (with extra EMS fee of course). After clicking buy you’ll have to submit a photo of your passport and others info about your phone, it all comes with clear guidelines. Pay with your credit card and you’ll receive a confirmation email from EG and it’s done!

To collect the SIM card, check out there collecting places list: Where to Collect EG SIM CARD

Connect your phone

I chose to collect my card at K BOOKS, Incheon Airport Exit 7. The girl at the book store gave us a list to sign our names on and we got our card. My sister’s SIM card worked fine after a few time of turning her phone on and off, mine wasn’t. It just refused to work so after the 10th time I reached the staff at K BOOKS for help but she can’t do much either. Her English was limited so she called EG for and the staff on the phone asked me to turn off my phone so she can check the SIM card (her English wasn’t good either, we can barely catch what she said :( ). We struggled for about an hour at the airport till EG staff on facebook replied my message and asked me to check APN settings as in this link: About using EG SIM Card

AND IT WORKED! Yay!!!!! So if you have any problem trying to connect your phone just ask them, it might take time but they faced every kind of problems before, it’s best to take advises from them, isn’t it? :)

When your data usage are getting low you’ll receive SMS remind you to top-up in both Korean and English:

What I received

What I received


To top-up your account balance, check out this tutorial from EG blog: How to top up with EG card? They have all the details and pictures for you to follow.


For 2 weeks, I spent all 1GB with my wi-fi completely turned off (yes, I didn’t use wi-fi at all while you can get free wife at your hotel room, subway stations and café and restaurants… ^^I just wanted to see how much I would spend). I even watched youtube with it, minus the videos-watching 1GB can last a whole month.

This is my experience. Hope it’ll be helpful for your trip! :)

77 thoughts on “Stay connected in Korea – Evergreen SIM card Review

  1. Hi

    Thanks for your sharing. I just wonder that is it hard to get the nano sim at the pick up location? As I can see from the website, they only offer normal and micro sim, but my phone requires a nano. Also, the sim card is discounted by 50% now. I plan to buy the basic plan which costs 15000 won, but after I submit the form, I am prompted a message that data will be subtracted from voice account: 1Gb for 16500 won. So do I need to pay extra to have that 1Gb? Or 15000 is for everything? Looking forward for your answer. Thank you!!!

    • Don’t worry you just need to show up and give them your passport to collect the sim card at the pick up station.
      You can check to see how much voice credit you have with the plan you want to buy, if I remember correctly basic plan costs 20,000KRW and has no date with 15,000KRW in voice credit. You will have to buy data on your own.
      So yeah if you want 1GB in your account then maybe buy the basic plan which gives you 15,000KRW credit, top-up another 5,000KRW into your account and you’re good to go ;)

  2. Hi! Do I have to give back the SIM card on my departure from Seoul?
    I believe the expiry is in 60 days, but 60 days from online purchase or from actually activating the SIM card to the phone?

  3. Hi! I was just thinking if it is possible to use all the 25,500won for data? Or the maximum amount of data we can get is 1gb? Thanks!

    • 25,500won is the total price to get a sim card and 20,000won in your account.
      With that 20,000won you can spend it however you like. If you want more than 1gb data then just buy more, they sell data as 1gb, 500mb or 100mb.

  4. Thanks so much for this review. I think I will go with EG because it seems easy.

    Just a small question. No were on the EG site did I find it to say if this is monthly or how long I can keep the sim card. I am used to paying my phone by the month and then it starts over again.

    Is EG just pay for what you use for however long you need it? I am staying in Korea for 6months for school. I understand the recharge after you use all your data but do they have a monthly fee or a certain time frame you have to return back your sim card?

    Thanks for the help.

      • After 60 days just go to EG office and ask them to change your number to long term use, after that you can keep the number working as long as you need.
        With every 10,000won topup you will get 30 days of usage.

  5. Is it safe to give a copy of the passport to EG when purchasing the SIM card? Do you happen to know how long the K books is open until?

    • Hi, Hybrid sim card is combination of normal and micro size sim card. You can try google Hybrid sim card to see how it looks like.
      Anw yes just purchase the hybrid one, I’m sure it’ll fit your phone :)

    • The method that I know about is to insert SIM card from a different network and see if you can still make phone call. If you can your phone is unlock. Or you can just call the store where you bought your phone from to check :)

  6. hellooooooo thanks a lot for the very useful info :D
    so happy to know that i dont need to rent egg wifi for 7days only ㅋ i mean, i better use the 200,000 won for shopping than for deposito ㅋㅋ
    thanks a lot! ♡

  7. Hi! saw your post is actually very useful. but would like to check if i can actually buy it off the shelve in the airport, or i can only purchase it on the wedsite?

    • Since they have no offline selling point at the airport you can’t buy the sim card there. If you want to receive the sim card at he airport you have to purchase it on the website first.

    • Hi Wenli, I recently came back from Seoul and yes you can actually buy it from the convenience stores there. I specifically bought from GS25. It cost me about 30,000 won.

      • Hi jgg, Yes the value is 30000won as well. But the data value is about 16000won and then there are some initial charges so they will deduct from the initial amount. So there will be about 11000 won left for calls or sms. U can download the app called eg sim to check the amount u have left. I didnt use the remainder in the card coz i only used the data amount. Just to let you know the data uses up pretty quick. I used about 800mb in 9 days. Oh but there is a difference in price depending on ur sim card size as well. If u are using a nano sim then if I am not mistaken it was 50000won.

  8. Great post…i was browsing the net to look for info on prepaid sim card in korea and stumbled upon your blog. I saw your reply saying that you were using the sim card on your Samsung Tablet. I’m planning to do so also and i hope it work on my TabS.

  9. Hi, do you know how many days before can i apply for the sim card online before my trip? Let say im travelling on 1Oct, will it be too early to apply now??

    • Now they have two kinds of sim card: one will expire after 60 days and one you can use for more than 6 months I think.
      Yes they have an offline store in Myeongdong with EG staff, you can see it in their offline stores list.

  10. Hi, after getting the data plan loaded in the sim card, can we use the phone as portable hotspot / tether? to share the data connection with other phone device…

    • You choose the date package when you order the sim card and it’ll be automatically active when you start using the sim.
      If you buy it from a offline store the staff will do it for you :)

  11. Thanks for all this info! I am going in a few weeks, and was thinking Olleh…but it is pretty pricey for the time I am staying. I think I might check out EG

  12. thanks for quick reply ! i plan to collect at ICN Airport: K Books like you did. will they set it up for me? or what you had to do to activate it ?

    • K Books is just a book store and there is no EG staff there so if the sim doesn’t work you’ll have to contact them yourself, the staffs at K Books don’t really know anything about EG sim card (and the girl I met had really limited English too).
      If you don’t need to have sim card right away I suggest to buy it from an offline selling point of EG instead. I came to their location at Myeongdong with my friend 2 months ago, it only took us less then 5 minutes to get the sim card; you don’t need to order it online first and they open during weekends too.

  13. Did you had to use the app for the data activation ? or it will automatically activate if i select the data plan when i order online?

    • After getting the sim card and place it inside your phone you’ll have to activate it (they have introductions come along with the sim card for you)
      You don’t have to activate the data plan, your phone will automatically connect to internet once you restart it :)

    • I’m afraid it won’t, because they stated on their website that you need to get your phone unlocked before coming to Korea in order to use their sim card. Maybe you can try rent a phone instead? :)

  14. hi, when I tried to check online purchase, there’s EG Sim Card for 20,000KRW. Aside from this, do I still need to buy standard sim for 5,000KRW? If I want 1GB of data, I have to pay addition 16,500KRW? So, all in all, I have to pay 41,500KRW?

    • Hi,

      When you purchase a EG Sim Card you will have to pay only 25,500KRW for a normal sim card.

      20,000KRW is kind of default card value that they ask you to pay upfront.

      Basically after paying 25,500KRW you will have 20,000KRW in your voice valence :)

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