How to extend your Korean D4 Visa

Hồ sơ cần chuẩn bị khi gia hạn visa

Necessary documents

Documents that you need to prepare:

1. Passport – 여권

2. Alien Registration Card – 외국인등록증

3. Fee: 60,000 KRW 수수료

4. Application – 신청서 (You can get at the Immigration Office)

5. Certificate of Student Registration – 재학증명서

6. Attendance record – 출석증명서

7. Financial statement – 체제경비입증서류: At least 5,000,000 KRW in your bank account

8. Proof of Residence – 체류지 입증서류


Fee: You don’t hand in the fee but you need to buy service stamps at the Immigration Office, for extending visa you need to buy 6 stamps, 1 for 10,000KRW

Financial statement: If your attendance is higher than 70% you don’t need this

You can get financial statement from your bank, the fee is 2000KRW and your bank account will be frozen for one day.

Proof of Residence: If you live in school dorm you can get the paper from dorm’s officie.

If you live outside a copy of your renting contract will do.

After getting all the documents done you just need to visit the Immigration Office.
After checking your documents they will print the new 체류기간 or date of expiry on the back of your Alien card and you’re good to go ;)


29 thoughts on “How to extend your Korean D4 Visa

  1. Hi that’s a very helpful post you’ve made ! But a bit old now maybe, I suggest you to edit once and say that we need to book an appointment on hi korea website beforehand, or Immigration staff won’t see us. And to do it very early (right now it’s overbooked for at least 3 weeks). :)

      • I just extended my visa, and they didn’t ask for any financial statement. I think it depends on the employee and also (sadly) on the country you come from, and your attendance percentage.
        As a European, with 100% attendance, they didn’t think the financial statement was necessary ^^

  2. Hello everyone ….currently i am learning korean language in yonsei uni…i have complted my 6 months here but now i want to change my university…but my attandance is 62%…what can i do know…can i get addmission in any other university??

    • There is no way to be sure unless you apply for another university and see what happen.
      Your attendance now sure does matter if you try to extend your time at Yonsei, but if you apply for another university they might not even check on it I think.

  3. Hy guys can you please tell me that D2 visa holder can change his/her visa status to D4?if possible what are the requirements?

  4. Hi! Thanks for the info, i found it very useful.

    The question might seem obvious but no one could give me a solid answer. I was wondering, do i necessarily have to enrol to another course in order to extend my D4 visa? Or can I extend only my stay without having to attend classes again?

    Thank you!

  5. The required document list and explanations are sooo helpful thanj you so so much ♡ but I have a question if I study for two terms (I’m planning to take two terms of korean course at soongsil univ(that equal 4 months right? )if I’m accepted can I apply for d-4? And then take a break during the resting 2 month of visa and then extend the d-4 visa?is that possible?

  6. Mình lên đại sứ quán Việt Nam họ nói cần visa code xin ở bộ tư pháp Hàn quốc. Thủ tục xin visa code cần những gì hả ad? Cảm ơn vì đã đọc

  7. nếu mà mình nghỉ tầm 70 hay 72% gì đó có phải chứng minh tài chính không ạ? với cả họ có làm khó mình lúc làm hồ sơ không ạ? mình lo cái này lắm vì mới học được sang tuần thứ 7 đã nghỉ nhiều vậy rồi. mình chỉ sợ họ không gia hạn visa cho đấy ạ. cảm ơn bạn đã đọc và mong bạn trả lời giúp nếu bạn nắm rõ vấn đề này ạ. Và cũng cảm ơn bạn về bài viết này.

    • Theo trường mình khi nghỉ trên 30% muốn gia hạn visa phải gặp thầy cô quản lý sinh viên quốc tế xin giấy giống như giấy giới thiệu rồi mới xuống phòng hành chính xin giấy chứng nhận đang theo học được.
      Đây là đối với trường mình thôi, bạn thử liên hệ với văn phòng quản lý sinh viên nước ngoài của trường bạn xem.

  8. Thanks for sharing this! But do I have to leave my passport with them or no? And how long does it take to extend the visa? Thank you again~! ^^V

  9. Hi! Thanks for the useful info ^^ This is the 2nd time I need to extend my D4 visa but the first time my Chinese consular in my school helped me to do everything so I don’t actually know all of this. I have been staying in Korea for almost 1 year, but my korean is still not good enough so I decided to take 1 more semester. I want to ask if I need to prepare extra documents? my attendance percentage is almost 90% so I don’t need to give Financial statement, right? I wrote on my original plan that I plan to study for 1 year so I’m kind of worried it will be hard for me to do the visa extension this time T_T

    • Hi,
      When I extended my visa I just handed in the financial statement anyway even though my attendance was higher than 70%.
      So I suggest if you can then just bring the statement anyway, if you cannot I think it’ll be fine too.
      Don’t worry I have friend who planned to stay for only 6 months but then added another 6 months and no one questioned anything. Actually when you’re already in Korea the visa extending process is quite simple and fast too :)

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