Seoul: Passion 5 (패션5) @ Itaewon


Passion 5 is a famous dessert café in Itaewon area being known for its delicious desserts. I walked pass the building everytime I’m Itaewon but never knew it’s a cafe and dessert bar till a friend of mine mentioned it on her account.

Someone asked my friend for recommendations about where to eat in Seoul and she answered with a few names along with Passion 5. In her words the café is supposed to have delicious desserts and decent foods. I, after that, did some researches about the place and it turned out there was a punch of blog posts about it 2 or 3 years ago. It seemed that the place got a lot of attention when it first opened.

People mostly wrote about how good their desserts are and how cool design of the building is but I totally forgot to pay attention to the design with foods in front of me (yes it’s that bad). There are good and bad reviews (about their crappy service) so I decided to give it a try myself.

The building has 5 floors with the 1st floor as a bakery; 2nd floor is named L’atelier where you can enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner; and 3rd floor is an Italian restaurant. They have another cafe on the basement which serves tea, champagne, and desserts that are different from the ones sold on 1st and 2nd floor too.

Since the their 1st floor doesn’t have that much of space desserts that you bought can be enjoyed on the 2nd floor too.

I made reservation for December 24th which was Christmas Eve and when we got there the place was full except tables that already reserved.

We arrived, being led to our table, sat down and ordered our foods. They were fast at serving us with drinks and bread came out just a few minutes later.

The bread was good. No wonder they’re famous for all the desserts.

Grape Ade

The waitress told us to mix the drink up before drink but you don’t have to if you don’t want. In the end after mixing it turned into this unappetizing color, I will just leave my drink next time.

We got chicken salad for appetizer which was marked as the best choice in their menu. The salad came with 4 different types of dressing. They let us choose the one we like then shook and poured it over our salad at the table.

The salad was good but their avocado was way too tough. The fruit wasn’t ripe yet and there is only half of it on your plate of salad so I assumed there would be someone else being served tough avocado along with us that night.

My friend got Cheese Omelet which tasted find in my opinion.

I ordered their Brunch Burger I think (sorry I suck at remembering foods’ names).

The patty was moist but a little too salty for me. And it was served with rice, odd enough even for brunch in an Asian country.

After the meal we headed downstairs for some desserts but since it was late almost everything already sold out so we only got to try some of their tarts.

And yes those tarts were good. That tart crust was awesome!

Overall my friend gave a right review for the café: good desserts and decent foods. I would come back again; not because of the foods of course, and not especially for the desserts also (a piece of knowledge: Passion 5 owned by SPC group which is the owner of Paris Baguette too, you can get some of the desserts that sold at Passion 5 at any Paris Baguette nears your place). But for the Parlour at the basement, I heard they serve good tea and I just can’t say no to tea.

So if you’re looking for a well decorated place to spend some time with friends or your loved ones give Passion 5 a try. It’s granted that you won’t be disappointed by their desserts.

How to get there?

Passion 5

Address: 272 Itaewon-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (서울특별시 용산구 이태원로 272)

Operation hours: 07:30AM – 10:00PM


1. From Hangangjin Station (한강진역) take Exit 3.

2. Take a U turn right when you get out of the exit and walk back for a few minutes.

3. The building will be on your left, look out for it (for picture of the building click here)

Not related but the flower that I got from my friend since it’s my birthday! Yay~

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