Du lịch Hàn Quốc: Mùa lạnh đừng quên đi hái dâu 🍓

Mùa lạnh người ta đi Hàn Quốc để ngắm tuyết, để xem hoa, còn chúng tớ đi chỉ để ăn dâu.

Mùa dâu ở Hàn Quốc bắt đầu từ tháng 12 tới tháng 6 năm sau, kéo dài hẳn nửa năm luôn. Nhưng khoảng thời gian nhiều dâu nhất, vị ngon nhất sẽ vào khoảng cuối tháng 1 tới tháng 4. Vào khoảng thời gian này dâu được bày bán ở mọi ngõ ngách, nửa ký chỉ vào khoảng 5000-6000 won.

Nhưng hôm nay chuyện ăn dâu là chuyện phụ, chuyện đi hái dâu mới là chuyện chính.

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Seoul: Glasshouse @ Changgyeonggung Place (창경궁)

When I found this glasshouse the first thought popped in my head was why no one ever told me about this place? Why such a photogenic location never appeared in any magazine about Seoul? Why?

No one ever told me such a place existed in the middle of Seoul, much to my surprise not so many locals knew either (well at least my Korean mentor didn’t , he said so himself).

That afternoon me and a friend were visiting the Secret Garden inside Changdeokgung Place and I caught a glimpse of a stunning looking glass ceiling over the old stone wall. I thought it would be part of the Secret Garden since I never heard anything about it, but only when I pulled out Naver map I found out that Changgyeonggung Palace is located right next to the Secret Garden.

Even then it’s till impossible for me to find anything named glass house or something similar. So I decided to just walk along the wall and eventually found it. So yeah, I can’t give you the directions, I don’t even know how I got there (just kidding!)

Nhà kính này nằm trong khuôn viên của Cung Changgyeonggung Palace tại Seoul. Lạ là trước khi tự đến đây mình chưa nghe ai nhắc đến nhà kính này bao giờ, cũng chưa từng thấy ảnh nhà kính này xuất hiện trong các bài viết về các cung điện tại Seoul luôn.

Mình tình cờ phát hiện ra nơi này trong khi đi thăm Secret Garden tại Cung Changdeokgung Place với bạn mình. Tưởng tượng ở đây mà chụp ảnh cưới thì đẹp phải biết, hoặc là mùa đông đứng giữa nhà kính xung quanh toàn tuyết ấy. Nhà kình này nằm ở phần trong cùng sâu nhất của Cung Changdeok, trên các bản đồ địa điểm thăm quan của cung thường sẽ được đánh vị trí số 20 nhé.

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Seoul: Lomography store @ Hongdae

During summer when I was having my break after the first semester in Korea I decided to buy myself a Konstruktor just because I was having way too much free time and need something to do. (Then things happened and the camera parts still in its box after 5 months, gosh I need to get down on that thing soon.)

Konstruktor is a SRL Do-It-Yourself camera from Lomography. If you’re interested you can read more about the camera here, it was quite cheap and I beat it’ll be fun creating a camera on your own.

I went on Lomography website just to find out that the camera DIY was soldout but instead they actually have a store in Seoul, Hongdae area. Lucky enough there were a few sets left at the store for me to grab. Yay~

Here are some pictures of the store that I took, if you’re into analogue photography and happen to live in Seoul come take a look. You can get the directions at the end of this post :)

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Seoul: Starbucks @ Famille Park – 스타벅스 파미에파크점

Starbucks Korea celebrates its 15th year anniversary by building a special store in Seocho-gu right beside JW Marriott Hotel. Being a fan of Starbucks I have to pay it a visit just to see how it looks like and yes it’s true that’s the most beautiful looking Starbucks I had ever been to. Apparently this location is marked as Starbucks Reserve which offers the finest coffees that only available for limited times at select Starbucks stores only. Remember to stop by for a cup of coffee if you’re around. Other than coffee I recommend their Cheese Cake too, one of the best cheese cake I ever tasted in Korea!

The amazing cheese cake

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Rubber Duck Project – 러버덕 프로젝트

I know I’m 2 months late for this but since I have the pictures here I’m going to post them anyway.

If you never heard of the Rubber Duck Project before you can click here to read more about it.

Actually the duck came to Vietnam way before Korea, even before I moved to Seoul but it was in Ho Chi Minh City and I didn’t have time to go see it. So once again when it came to Seoul there is no way I would miss it.

They duck stayed at Seoul’s Seokchon Lake for 30 days in the month of October and November. I think I went meet the duck some time around early November when the project was almost ended for Korea stop and there was still so many people. I was hard finding a spot so you can take picture of the duck without random people appearing in it. But in the end I managed to do it, yay me!

Say hi everyone~

I don’t know if it’s the same in other country too, but for Korea they made up a really cute character for the duck. When the duck, for some reasons, was deflated while floating on the lake they posted a message on official twitter said “Don’t worry I just need a little nap”. And then after they got the duck fixed they put a sign near the lake saying “I had enough sleep let’s play!”. Isn’t that cute? It even sounded a lot cuter in Korean!

I heard he(or she?) headed to Shanghai after Korea and then been swept away in recent floods in China, but he will come back soon I believe; he’s a duck; which duck afraid  of water, right?