Seoul: TWG Tea Salon and Boutique @ Cheongdam-dong

I wasn’t planning to write about this until I have time to go again and take some more pictures but it bugs me so much every single time I open my lappy and see this TWG picture folder on the top of the list just because I didn’t post it up yet. Why I need more pictures you ask? Because I wasn’t happy with what I have. It’s not my fault that I went to a tea salon after 4, right? Who have afternoon tea before lunch time anyway (I was on vacation mood back then folks, my morning start at 12). TWG Seoul, a little advice, light your store. I have no idea why these upscale restaurants in Seoul have to be so dark. I never ever get good shoot of foods there. Come on, I know you want to set the atmosphere but people need to see each other, and more importantly, need to see and take picture of their foods too.

Put lighting problem aside, in my opinion TWG Seoul is successful in bringing that whole TWG standard all the way from Singapore.  I guess every TWG owned flagship store has to anyway. Are they? Sorry I don’t know, never been to any TWG outside Singapore.

I only knew TWG opened its store in Seoul in early 2014 when the news writing about it popped up on the google result when I was doing my research for a good place to enjoy some afternoon tea. I don’t worship tea but I do drink it enough and I love TWG so I headed out the next day with a book in my bag hopefully to spend my some quality time on my own.

TWG in Seoul turned out to be different from what I used to and no I don’t mean it in a bad way but, still, it’s different.

I didn’t realize it was public holiday because I was on my vacation so when I got there the place was full. Staff let me know I can look around and wait or place reservation for tomorrow and since I already there I told her to put me on the waiting list (their staffs speak English so don’t worry if you’re not familiar with Korean). So I was walking around, having a little chit chat with the staff and it was only around 20 minutes before being guided to my seat.

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