How to extend your Korean D4 Visa

Hồ sơ cần chuẩn bị khi gia hạn visa

Necessary documents

Documents that you need to prepare:

1. Passport – 여권

2. Alien Registration Card – 외국인등록증

3. Fee: 60,000 KRW 수수료

4. Application – 신청서 (You can get at the Immigration Office)

5. Certificate of Student Registration – 재학증명서

6. Attendance record – 출석증명서

7. Financial statement – 체제경비입증서류: At least 5,000,000 KRW in your bank account

8. Proof of Residence – 체류지 입증서류


Fee: You don’t hand in the fee but you need to buy service stamps at the Immigration Office, for extending visa you need to buy 6 stamps, 1 for 10,000KRW

Financial statement: If your attendance is higher than 70% you don’t need this

You can get financial statement from your bank, the fee is 2000KRW and your bank account will be frozen for one day.

Proof of Residence: If you live in school dorm you can get the paper from dorm’s officie.

If you live outside a copy of your renting contract will do.

After getting all the documents done you just need to visit the Immigration Office.
After checking your documents they will print the new 체류기간 or date of expiry on the back of your Alien card and you’re good to go ;)