Seoul: Silver Grass

Every year during October a Silver Grass Festival will be held at Haneul Park (하늘공원) which located within the Seoul World Cup Park (월드컵공원), it was one of the items on my pocket list since I first heard about it. Unfortunately, this year the festival week crashed with my mid-term week. Me and my friend had been pushing it back for a few times before I can finally manage to take myself away from all the books the weekend right before exam.

We didn’t realize it was actually the last day of the festival till we got there and been encountered by a sea of people. How many people you ask?

There were so many people I actually felt uncomfortable, but in the end I was happy being able to see the sliver sea I always wanted to and spend one relaxed day with friend.

P/s: So many couples walking around with selfie sticks in hands, I don’t get this trend…