Seoul: Lomography store @ Hongdae

During summer when I was having my break after the first semester in Korea I decided to buy myself a Konstruktor just because I was having way too much free time and need something to do. (Then things happened and the camera parts still in its box after 5 months, gosh I need to get down on that thing soon.)

Konstruktor is a SRL Do-It-Yourself camera from Lomography. If you’re interested you can read more about the camera here, it was quite cheap and I beat it’ll be fun creating a camera on your own.

I went on Lomography website just to find out that the camera DIY was soldout but instead they actually have a store in Seoul, Hongdae area. Lucky enough there were a few sets left at the store for me to grab. Yay~

Here are some pictures of the store that I took, if you’re into analogue photography and happen to live in Seoul come take a look. You can get the directions at the end of this post :)

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Seoul: Myth Jokbal (미쓰족발) in Hongdae


If you don’t know what jokbal is, it’s basically pigs feet cooked with soy sauce and spices for a long time till it get tender.

The image of eating fatty pig feet meat might scare a lot of people, but if you want me to recommend you one unusual traditional dish of Korea it must be jokbal.

Believe me, I do not enjoy eating fatty foods but the fat in jokbal gives you this smooth and silky feel that melt right in your mouth without any chewing.

Jokbal trong tiếng Hàn được dùng để chỉ giò heo. Món Jokbal tại Hàn chính là móng giò được nấu với nước tương và các loại gia vị trong một khoảng thời gian dài đến khi thịt móng giò ngấm gia vị nhưng không làm thịt trở nên quá mềm. Tại Hàn jokbal được coi là một món nhậu, nhưng bạn hoàn toàn có thể thưởng thức jokbal mà không cần uống rượu nhé. (Ở nhà buồn nhất là thích ăn món nhắm mà hai đứa con gái bước vô quán nhậu gọi đồ ăn không là bị nhìn chằm chằm rồi…)

Myth Jokbal là nhà hàng với jokbal nổi tiếng tại khu Hongdae được mở cửa từ năm 1987. Nếu các bạn có ý định thử món jokbal tại đây mà không muốn đợi mình khuyên các bạn nên đến vào khoảng 5h chiều, đó là thời điểm trước khi cửa hàng mở cửa. Dù có những người đã đến trước thì thời gian các bạn phải đợi cũng sẽ không quá dài nhé :)

Now about Myth Jokbal: it’s a jokbal specialist restaurant located in Honggik University area (Hongdae 홍대) that first opened in 1987 and has been selling jokbal since then. It’s super famous and there are people queuing outside of the restaurant everyday.

They have other locations all over Korea too, you can check out the list of other locations on their website. (choose 매장소개 – the website is only available in Korean)

I visited Myth Jokbal in September with a friend (yes, I delayed this post for almost 2 months). We were trying to find a place for a meal together and she said Myth Jokbal is so famous let give it a try so we did. We got there pretty early since we wanted to checkout Hongdae handmade flea market and when we walked pass the restaurant wasn’t open yet. We walked back there around 5pm and there was already a line in front just so you know how famous this place is.

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