TS Pop-up Store

I don’t think I can call myself a B.A.P since I’m not that dedicated but sure I know about them more than any Kpop group that debuted after 2010.

I wasn’t planning on visit TS Pop-up Store since its operation time was only 2 weeks and I was having my mid-term exams. But a close friend asked me to get her some stuffs from the store, plus for some reason the company decided to keep the store running for a few more days, so I actually went look around myself.

And since I was able to take some photos I better just post them here too.

For fans that wanted to buy B.A.P related goods but the store is already closed, TS has a website where they sell all kind of goods from all artists that belong to the company, you can check it out here -> http://en.tseshop.co.kr/

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