Seoul: How to go to Cafe J Holic (update: September 2014) @ Myeongdong

As of 2017 Cafe J Holic is Myeongdong is already closed down. There is another one in Gangnam still in operation. 

Updated on 14/09/16 with the new directions :)

[Note: Heavy pictures]

If you are into K-pop, you probably have heard of Cafe J Holic before. For those of you who don’t know, the owner of Cafe J Holic is the popular singer from Korea – Kim Jaejoong (yes, that J must come from his name). And even if you don’t care a tiny bit for who he is, it still a great idea to pay this “one and only” coffee shop a little visit while you’re at Myeongdong. (You see what I did there? Well, since the cafe’s slogan is “the one and only”…)


(I wasn’t planning to put up this post at first so I didn’t take any good pictures :( Will replace all the pictures once I have change to visit Seoul again, for now just focus on how to get there first, OK? ^^)

Cafe J Holic – a newly opened coffee shop in Myeongdong.

It has a unique design with yellow as the main color for the interior. And not only the design, there are many more “unique” things about this shop, like:

+ Their signature drinks: the last time were there, my friend ordered a Dark Horse Chocolate, don’t you wonder how it taste like? (tasted good, for the record!)

+ Their washroom named Jenny for ladies’ room and Jonny for men’s.

+ They hang TV monitors on the wall and use those as clocks.

Want to visit it yet?

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